Saxe Coburg shadow


A vivid blue door acts as a canvas for the shadow of a traditional street lamp on Saxe Coburg Street in Edinburgh


Tombstone shadow

Stockbridge Market

Air France

Air France

These figures can be seen on the exterior of what was the old Air France offices in Edinburgh. The company has long vacated the premises but these metal characters still exude an international feel.






The Counting House


Across the pond….



One to view from a fantastic NYC photographer…….check out this blog if you can!


On the corner of Spring and Bowery stands the magnificent German Bank Building. Decades of urban scrawl cover its granite facade and it has been the home of commercial photographer Jay Maisel and his family for nearly fifty years, he still maintains his studio and gallery there. With six floors and seventy two rooms, this breathtaking monument, now an official New York City landmark, stands as a defiant symbol of past glories while around it the ‘Bowery’ is modernized by a plague of eye watering  neon and glass.  I know that one day some bright young spark from City Hall is going to commission an army of cleaners to descend on 190 Bowery and wipe away all traces of a character that no longer fits into its surroundings. Until then, we can only marvel at its unique, graffiti embellished beauty.

German Bank Building

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Happy Halloween

Autumn light

Autumn light

Edinburgh Christmas cards

Edinburgh Christmas cards

Two new Christmas card designs from

The famous Edinburgh Castle and the columns outside the Dome restaurant / bar complex on George Street.

Initial wholesale orders have been good and it looks like both designs are going to be well received! The cards were something I had been thinking about, wanted to do something different and I am glad that production has started.

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