Edinburgh Christmas cards…..

Edinburgh Christmas cards.....

Two new Christmas card designs from Edinburgh-photographs.co.uk

The famous Edinburgh Castle and the columns outside the Dome restaurant / bar complex on George Street.

Initial wholesale orders have been good and it looks like both designs are going to be well received! The cards were something I had been thinking about, wanted to do something different and I am glad that production has started.


Forth Road Bridge


St Giles detail

St Giles detail

Circle and square

New York vista

Florida dots

Grave look…….




New for Right Profile Photography!



This image is taken from my greetings card range entitled ‘The Collector’s Series’.

The faded flower and flaked paintwork, combined with the shot being taken through the window from the outside, hint at isolation and loneliness.

Depending on how you perceive it, this simple shot could convey a wide range thought and meaning.

New Facebook store

New for the Edinburgh-photographs.co.uk web site!!

New for the Edinburgh-photographs.co.uk web site!!

Just updated into the site………a ‘quick purchase’ facility for our top fifty selling lines.

Trialling this for the present and will hopefully roll it out onto the Edinburgh and Right Profile sites if all goes well!!

As usual any feedback and comments very welcome………


Still life



Image of the River Clyde in Glasgow

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